Top Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Miami

A chest enhancement is a procedure that surgically alters the shape and size of your breasts. It is also known as “boob job” in common terms. Implants are available in all shapes and sizes to help women achieve fuller and natural looking breasts post surgery.

However, it is very much essential to find a good surgeon, who is skilled in cosmetic surgeries, particularly in breast procedures. A skilled cosmetic doctor will not only ensure that you get perfect results, but also help you choose the right size and shape to best suit your frame. Since, there are many new technologies introduced to make the procedure easy and quick, an experienced and expert surgeon will always keep him or herself their clinic updated.

Below are some tips and steps on how to pick the best plastic surgeon in Miami, Florida. These tips should help you make an informed decision and find a qualified breast enhancement surgeon.

1. Check Credentials

Credentials should be the first and foremost thing to look for in a surgeon. He should hold an NHS consultant, and must have FRCS qualifications to qualify as a cosmetic surgeon. Above all, the surgeon you are considering must also be listed for plastic surgery on General Medical Council’s specialist. You must not hesitate to ask for their certificates. In fact, most reputed surgeons will have their certifications displayed on the clinic reception or in their office so their patients can know about their credentials without asking.

2. Pick A Cosmetic Surgeon That Specializes In Breast Procedures

Of course, you don’t want any eye specialist or nose job specialist to try out their hands on your boob job, especially when they don’t have any prior experience in this department. Different cosmetic surgeons specialize in different body part and you must find the one that has been dealing with breast enhancement procedures for more than five years, at least. Breast implants come in many shapes and sizes, and also require a surgeon to try out various insertion techniques. Thus, only an experienced and specialized surgeon will be able to suggest you right implants and incision method that is best suitable for your body type.

3. Membership To Any Professional Organization

This is the next step to figure out whether you are choosing to go with the right plastic surgeon or not. Ask your doctor if he is a member of any professional organizations such as BAPRAS or BAAPA. Almost all reputed plastic surgeons will be members of at least one or two professional societies that help them stay updated about latest procedures, innovations and inventions in their field. These highly regarded societies only permit skilled and experienced surgeon to get entry.

4. Get Consultation With The Surgeon Who Will Be Actually Treating You

In most clinics, “advisers” or “counselors” are the first people to see patients and follow up with their treatment schedules. These people are only able to provide patients with general advice. When you decide to take a big step that concerns your health, it is advised to seek consultation form the surgeon who will be taking your case. Make sure you ask for actual surgeon who will be doing the surgery. This will help you gain more confidence and take informed decision.

5. Be Comfortable With Your Decision

Make sure you feel relaxed when dealing with your surgeon. You should be able to build a good rapport with your surgeon, so you are able to ask any question that might be bugging you regarding the procedure or post-surgery care. Your surgeon will address your questions before the surgery and also help you feel at ease at the end of the consultation. Discuss all potential treatment options and explore the physiological, as well as psychological aspects of having breast implants.

Follow these steps and select an experienced surgeon. Make sure that the practitioner you have chosen is well versed with breast implants, so to help you make a better choice as this is something that is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. In the end, ask as many questions as you want to during the consultation, so you are not left with any doubts, thereafter.

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How To Tell When You Need A Breast Enlargement?

An enhancement refers to the use of breast implants or fat to generally increase the size of the breast or restore your breast’s volume especially after pregnancy or weight loss. Clinically, the process is referred to as a mammaplasty. The process can be because of increasing the projection and fullness of the breasts, improving the figure of your balance and enhancing your self image for purposes of self-confidence. There are different reasons why people decide to increase their bust size. Here is how you can tell if you need one:

Small Breasts

Sometimes breasts can be too small to be seen when wearing clothes. Having visible breasts is part of being a female and most women are interested in having an average to big size. If you think that your breasts are too small and would want to have larger boobs, then, you should make a point of getting implants. The procedure will end up giving a better appearance and boosting your confidence.

Swimsuit Body

Most swimsuits are constructed with the perspective that the wearer will have an average breast size. If you interested in wearing swimsuits and getting that perfect body fit, then a larger cup may be for you.

Body Balance

In most cases, some women have hips that are larger than the bust line. This look gives the individual a rather odd shape. Sometimes women opt to enhance their bust in order to balance this shape and get a perfect body where the hips match with the bust line.

Less Firm Breasts

In most cases, when you have had children, your breasts might appear or feel to be less firm and this will give you a problem when wearing cleavage revealing clothes or give you a low self confidence about your body.

Weight Loss

After losing weight, it is highly possible that your breasts will look smaller and will need to be filled out to restore their firmness and their size.


Due to surgical procedures or natural occurrence, you might have a breast that is larger than the other and this might warrant the need to get a revision procedure performed on them. The aim of this process is to ring about a balance in size and give you a perfect pair that will look good especially when you dress up.