Lift Procedure

Breast Lift

Miami is one of the most beautiful cities in Florida. It is characterized by dazzling beaches, plenty of sunshine and women who are sub conscious about their look. The demand for breast lift surgery is quite high in this region, ladies seek this service for various reasons such as correcting genetic deformities or cosmetic purposes. Though this procedure may be costly it’s definitely worth every dollar spent, at least according to the women who pursue it.

What does it involve?

Breast implant often involves the use of artificial prosthesis to enlarge or expand the size of one’s breasts. The procedure can also be referred to as mammoplasty enlargement, augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation. There are 2 main types of Breast Lift Miami implants which include the saline-filled and silicone gel-filled versions. In the first option, implants contain an elastomer shell made from silicone and containing sterile saline solution.

The other one comprises of silicone shell that’s filled with gel. Nowadays, there are alternative implants that have also been developed by scientists and used on participants with tremendous success, like the polypropylene string and soy oil inserts. In the medical context, it can also be used to replace natural breast that may have been removed during previous surgical processes to eliminate cancerous tissues.

Incision techniques

These products have helped women who were once flat-chested to gain higher self-esteem, improved physical health and social life. Most saline implants are made from thick, vulcanized shells which are often treated at regular room temperature. They would then be filled with salt water solution after the implant has been inserted.

As for the inframammary Breast Lift Miami procedure, an incision would be made within the inframammary gland just below the patient’s breast tissues. This incision technique is quite common as it gives the surgeons maximum access for placement of the identified implant. However, it has the potential of showcasing visible scars particularly in women who have smaller breasts.

In periareolar, doctors usually make the surgical incision right at the areolar frame and scars may form at the areola edge where they are less perceptible. Other incision procedures that are commonly used include transaxillary and transumbilical, of which the latter can be done through endoscopy. Breast augmentation is something that most women in Miami dream of, there have been cases reported where some have taken loans to cover the costs of this operation. As much as it may be fashionable or convenient to undergo this surgery, one should always choose the best practitioner who can do a perfect job with less cost.

How to choose a good surgeon

The first step is checking whether they have duly been certified and registered to offer this service. As a woman, you definitely don’t want a quack to work on your breasts as the chances of them causing irreversible errors are quite high.

Next, check on their level of experience in the industry. A doctor who has just opened his venue for business would definitely not be at the same level as one who has been in business for years. Though such a practitioner may just be as educated as the experienced one, there are some things that can only be learned at work and not school.