How Long Does It Take to Recover from Breast Augmentation?

This question has been a recurring one asked regularly by individuals who undergo breast augmentation surgery, and there hasn’t been a general answer for all the patients as recovery time may differ from individual to individual. Some women may recover within a few weeks, while others may recover in a few months. The recovery procedure also depends upon the surgeons that are handling the case. Following are some of the post-surgery routines that may give you an idea regarding the time period of recovery from breast augmentation.

Post-Surgery Symptoms

Following the surgery, you may be kept under observation for a few days or you may be allowed to go home on the same day; depending upon your surgeon. You may feel tightness in your chest over a few weeks after the surgery. You may also feel restricted breath. In order to go through this phase without any complications, you may be given pain killers which may help you deal with the tightness of chest. These symptoms may last for a few weeks, and at most they have been documented to last for six weeks.

Aftercare Advice

Following the surgery, you may be given some advice by your surgeon to ensure that the recovery phase is addressed in the proper manner. For up to three months after surgery, you may be recommended to wear a tight sports bra 24 hours a day. In addition to that, regular visits to your surgeon for period checkups is a must. You may also be recommended to avoid the following:

· For one week, avoid getting your wounds wet

· For one month, avoid sleeping face down

· Avoid exercise with physical movements for four weeks

· Do not lift heavy weights for three to four weeks

· Do not drive for at least one week after the surgery

For those asking “how long does it take to recover from breast augmentation?” These points may have given you some idea regarding the estimated time it may take. None of the advices include a period longer than six weeks therefore it can be said that complete recovery can be achieved within six weeks in all cases. In some cases, the period may be shorter however most precautions are recommendation for a period of four weeks. You should ensure that you follow the advice provided by your surgeon and your recovery period will be

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