Breast Reduction Surgery in Miami


Breast reduction is a medical process of removing excess fat in the breast, its glandular tissue and the skin to get a size of breast that is proportionate with one’s body. This surgery alleviates discomforts such as neck pains, back pains, poor posture, skin irritation, rashes and discomfort during sport exercises. Other problems include inability to wear fashionable clothes, negative attention and depression. Breasts grow due to the effect of hormone Oestrogen, they grow proportionately to the body but sometimes they become particularly larger.

It is done on women but men with unusually big breasts can also undergo this surgery. It helps women who are unhappy with the weight, droop and shape of their breasts.

Before surgery it is advisable to know the possible effects of undergoing the breast surgery which include uneven breasts, scarring, nipple sensation loss and inability to breastfeed afterwards.

Before the surgical operation is done, one has to consult a doctor to talk about their medical history like the presence or absence of breast lumps. Emotional problems should also be included in the discussion. Afterwards the subject gets few essential items such as washcloths and towels, blouses, ice and prescribed creams.

The patient receiving a surgery should also avail oneself to a hospital where he/she is going to stay for a night as the process is carried out. Bilateral surgical process (two breasts) usually takes about five hours.

Breast Reduction Techniques

There are numerous techniques to use but it all depends on the size and desire of the patient. The techniques are discussed below.

· Liposuction-only technique

This technique results into decreased size, changed appearance and texture of the breast. The surgeon makes an incision just above the inframammary fold, and then skin is pierced above the fold. A small pore is then made to allow the infiltration of the anaesthetic to breasts. A 4mm cannula is then connected to a syringe and used to suck fat from within the breast. The cut skin is then tightened and an elastic tape is used to dress it to a new shape. After this surgery, a patient will quickly recover and is able after 2 to 4 weeks.

· Lejour technique

This technique is undertaken by making a vertical incision, a breast liposuction and a bigger undermining of the skin on the lower part of the breast. The patient is laid horizontally on the operating table, but then raised to a sitting position for accurate assessment and operation of the breast. The epidermis around the nipple areola complex is then cut and breast’s adipose tissue liposuctioned. The complex is raised higher over the breast hemisphere and then the skin is joined. The patient can even resume her light life activities even having a bath after a day or two. The patient should avoid heavy physical exercises until after three months.

Most patients get better after two weeks to a two months but the recovery period solely depends on general fitness and age of the subject. The final size and shape of the breast may not be conspicuous but after some months, one can notice the difference.

For people with sagging breasts, we also provide breast lift procedures.

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