How To Overcome a Bad Breast Augmentation Surgery

Although one of the most common cosmetic surgeries in the world and with high medicine advances over the past years, breast augmentation still carries risks and can lead to complications. Many women that undergo implant surgery report positive results after their operation. However, according to statistics, one in three women report side-affects and will require surgery within ten years of their initial breast enhancement operation.

Bad breast augmentation surgery doesn’t refer only to implant that appear unnatural, but to the result of surgery complications like capsular contracture, rippling or implant displacement. The good news is all these complications can be corrected with breast implant revision surgery, the options are to remove or to replace the affected implants. However, the main reason of your first surgery was to change your body image. After investing money in it, craving to get it done, now you also have to spend money on other doctors, different bills and medication, and the result is still unsatisfactory. So, how can you overcome all this?

1. Get informed. If you decide for a breast implant removal surgery or implant removal, it is crucial to search for specialized medical services. There’s never a bargain when it comes to your health, so choose an experienced and compassionate cosmetic surgeon to explain you the breast implant revision procedure, surgical methods, risk and adequate treatment. Informing yourself about the surgery is essential in order to make an informed decision about treatment.

2. Choose a high skilled doctor. The post-operative phase after you have had bad breast enhancement surgery will remain fraught with pains and medical complications. Although you may find it easier to just run to the pharmacy, be sure to consult a doctor before. If you have suffered a bad breast augmentation surgery, you will need to look for a doctor right away and set up an appointment. Surgery to remove the compromised implants is a very complex procedure and can be lifesaving for some women, that is why you need to very careful in choosing a surgeon to address implant complications. Taking out the implants is a very difficult technique, especially if they’re under the muscle.

3. Fight depression. The healing process will be very emotional, so feeling depressed after such a scary and stressful experience is something normal. Be gentle with yourself during this time and take the necessary steps in order to improve your health. Failing to taking care of your overall health can worsen your depression and this will only affect your healing process. Accentuate your best features and try not to focus on the loss. Share the feelings you have with friends, family or get professional help for depression. Don’t blame your family or friends for the situation you’re in, try to communicate in a constructive way.

4. Find support groups on the internet. Get free therapy online and talk to persons that had the same experiences. Spending time with other people that are in similar situations can be of great help during recuperation. Being able to also help other people, even if it’s only by active listening is also a vital step in your recovery. Invite a loved one who is having difficulties empathizing with your condition to visit the forum so they can see what you and others are going through.

5. Meditate and practice. Meditation is a powerful tool in recovery, it will help you reduce stress and will produce an overall feeling of calm, which is great for your healing. You can also join a meditation group.

6. Last but not least: stay positive! There is strong evidence that positive thinking can boost the immune system. Your body will have better chances at fighting off infections if your mind is focused on the positive. Learn to become more grateful for everything you have in your life. If you have a tendency toward negativity, become aware of your thoughts and adjust them. Motivational material can also help you in your journey to recovery. Sleep well to stop your mind from focusing on unnecessary thoughts. Experts recommend depressed people to sleep well.

Remember you are not alone in this – think about the new friends you made on the support forum, on how they had the willingness to fight and to overcome this bad experience, nurture positive thoughts and help them come true!

Some often confuse a revision with a reduction. For a reduction, please go here.


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