Saline or Silicone

Types of Breast Augmentation Implants

Breast augmentation surgery, a cosmetic surgery designed to enhance the size of the bust, requires the use of implants. Women considering this surgery need to understand the different options they face for their implants. Each implant has different costs. So what are the types of implants to choose from for a breast augmentation?

There are two major type of breast augmentation surgery implants, round breast and anatomical. Round breast implant is the oldest, however the types of silicone that is used when making the implant’s shell has changed. The advantage with this implant is that it is round. In the event that the implant rotates it will not matter .

Anatomical implants are designed in manner that the shape of the implants mimics those of natural breasts. There is a myth that the round breast implants are not as good as the anatomical implants, this is false since if the physician is good at carrying out the implant it can look natural. The disadvantage of the anatomical implant is that it is somehow bottom heavy and if it rotates in its pocket the outcome may not be pretty. As a measure of avoiding rotation, it comes with a textured shell surface.

In addition to choosing the type of implant, you need to choose its shape. The shape really depends on the look you want to achieve. Implants can have low, medium, and high profiles. Profile dictate how far the bust will stick out from the chest. The profile chosen is determined by the size of your chest.

No particular implant is better than another as it all comes down to the skill of the physician performing the augmentation. Therefore make sure you choose a qualified and experienced surgeon in order to ensure that the result is nothing less than expected. The best way to select the right implants for your breast augmentation is to spend some time talking to your surgeon.

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